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This section provides a training module for recreational craft dismantling and recycling activities, targeted to people and companies currently carrying out such activities and those who wish to do so in the future. This section also provides an awareness module for end-of-life recreational craft, targeted to boat owners (individual people and public and private organisations who own recreational craft).

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The Boat Dismantling Insight by Generating Environmental and Safety Training (Boat DIGEST) project aims to improve the Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) standards of recreational craft dismantling practices.

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Work Packages

Get to know the Work Packages of the Project. Dealing with overall management, development of training modules and dissemination activities.

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All the partners involved in the BoatDigest project.

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Project progress

Summary of the Boat Digest Project.

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Get in touch with the latest events of the Boat Digest Project.

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Project documents download center.

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