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This section provides a training module for recreational craft dismantling and recycling activities, targeted to people and companies currently carrying out such activities and those who wish to do so in the future. This section also provides an awareness module for end-of-life recreational craft, targeted to boat owners (individual people and public and private organisations who own recreational craft).

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With the support of the
University of Strathclyde PLATIN DOKUZ ICTP LEITAT FWD Picatto APER European Boating Industry University of Strathclyde

Platinum Occupational Health and Safety Training Institute was founded in 2012 with a well-established knowledge in terms of occupational health and safety trainings through the experience of founders. The basic principle of Platinum OHS training is organizing trainings for occupational health and safety proffesionals. In addition, Platinum OHS aims to instill the culture of safety into all stakeholders through sharing all the expertise in occupational health and safety. Platinum OHS commited itself to being the leader of innovative and precautionary approach in the field of occupational health and safety rather than only being an educational institution. Participants are supported through the continuous e-learning process and classroom trainings, which aid them to be successful in exams as well as in the real world.

Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) is a public university founded in 1982 in Izmir (Turkey). Presently, DEU has almost 45000 students in 13 faculties, 5 schools, 6 vocational schools, 6 graduate schools, 5 institutes, 43 research and application centers. Having an extensive research experience in the area of marine biology, biotechnology, chemistry and small craft as well as marina environmental managements with its laboratories, research vessel, and researchers, DEU will be able to make valuable contributions to BOAT DIGEST project.

The Italian National Research Council (CNR) is the main public research organization in Italy and its original institution goes back to the year 1923. In 2010, the report Scimago – an international database measuring the performance of the research institutions – places CNR as the first in Italy and the 23rd in the world on a total of almost 2900 institutions considered. Amongst the thematic institutes of CNR, the Institute of Polymer Chemistry and Technology (ICTP), established in 1969, in the years has been widely recognized as a center with a wide experience on polymer based materials and composites. The permanent staff of ICTP is constituted by 40 researchers and 30 technicians/administrative. Moreover, the Institute hosts students and postdoctoral temporary researchers. Since the 5th FP, ICTP has participated to several research projects cofounded by the EC, either as a coordinator either as a partner. Moreover, ICTP has successfully coordinated and participated in Life+ projects.

LEITAT provides services to companies of the industrial sector, adding technological value to their products and to their processes. One of LEITAT´s strategic lines is the promotion of R+D+I in the maritime sector by means of its Maritime Division in Barcelona where we find: testing, research and development (R+D), innovation (I) and new technologies. LEITAT has been involved in recreational craft dismantling since 2009. By means of its Maritime, Environmental and R&D departments, they have worked on boat dismantling and valorisation providing innovative outputs for the boat dismantling industry and for the boating sector. LEITAT works with many stakeholders in Europe to address the problem of boat abandonment and its environmental impact and has organized workshops addressing this issues. They have taken part in assessing the drawing up of conclusions and recommendations for safe and environmentally sound dismantling.

FWD is a company specializing in marketing solutions online and offline for any type of project. Solutions online as websites, campaigns of emailing, apps for mobile platforms, SEO analysis and offline as corporate identity, branding, manufacturing of digital media, production of interactive content, video editing, graphic design and printed graphics. The company has 14 years of experience in the development of all kinds of advertising campaigns and production in national and international markets. In the field of recycling of ships has been responsible for communication of project Life Recyship.

Auto Meres Picatto is a company in Asturias with more than 20 years experience in the industrial vehicles recycling sector. Our company operates in the Spanish national market and in several countries within Europe, Latin America and Middle East. Currently we are carrying out our normal activity ina new modern plant of 11000 square meters converted into an Integrated Centre of Decontamination and Recycling for Industrial Vehicles. This plant was inaugurated in 2008 and it was then unique in Europe due to the modern technology used, the working model implanted and for being a pioneer in environmental and health care measures. It was the first company in Asturias to develop an integrated service of management of End of Life Vehicles in proper environmental conditions, which maximize the recycling process. This new facility sprang up through the compromise of sustainability and the improvement in the working processes

APER was created in 2009 by the French Nautical Industries Federation to organize and promote the French recycling organization of old waste boats. APER develops and enhances its reputation among sailors, but also public instituitions and local authorities relying on a networks of partners. APER is in charge to: coordinate a national network of 50 wastesfirms, develop professional network, communicate and promote environmental solutions, follow R&D project about recycling fiberglasses.

APER is the national leader about old waste boats: to advise owners, to find environment solutions for the recycling of old waste boats, to have relationship with the French government and national authorities.

European Boating Industry represents the leisure marine industry in Europe. Environment is one of the priorities in the association, which has extended experience in carrying out studies of the impact of boating and watersports, on boat´s end-of-life treatment and on environmental innovation. Several of its members (national boating industry associations) have developed, or are in the process of developing, activities related to boats end-of-life. The membership encompasses all sector relating to boating and water sports including boatbuilding, equipment manufacturing, infrastructure building and maintenance, and service providers. Today, European Boating Industry counts 15 members, all of the being well-established national associations in Europe. Through its members, European Boating Industry has direct contact with over 7000 companies from all sectors of the leisure marine industry in Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK.

SU is a world leading academic institution dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in maritime education and research to serve the maritime community. SU offers degrees in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture and higher degrees in many associated fields of studies and has experience in many national and international projects. SU has been actively involved in ship dismantling projects and within the industry itself and can be considered as a leading academic institute in this field of research. SU has dedicated researchers working on ship dismantling issues who are delivering innovative outputs for the ship dismantling industry. SU can also draw on its vast experience of related activities such as: conducting risk analysis methods, studying accidents, incidents and analyzing emergency situations within the maritime industry and delivering training accordingly.