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This section provides a training module for recreational craft dismantling and recycling activities, targeted to people and companies currently carrying out such activities and those who wish to do so in the future. This section also provides an awareness module for end-of-life recreational craft, targeted to boat owners (individual people and public and private organisations who own recreational craft).

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The objectives of Boat Digest Project
General objective

The Boat Dismantling Insight by Generating Environmental and Safety Training (Boat DIGEST) project aims to improve the Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) standards of recreational craft dismantling practices. It will address skill gaps, while at the same time raising the awareness of end of life responsibilities and options for recreational craft owners and professionals. This will be achieved through transferring innovative products, tools and training from previous research activities into vocational education and training (VET) for those involved with the dismantling of recreational craft and an awareness module which provides end of life guidance for those who own recreational craft.

Project aims

• To improve the various identified gaps in recreational craft owner’s end of life awareness and recreational craft dismantler’s skills, knowledge and expertise, within the life cycle of this 2-year project, through creating and piloting bespoke education.

• Reduce by 25% the number of reported cases of recreational craft abandoned in Europe, and therefore potential environmental damage in 2 years after the project completion, through an awareness module designed to encourage disposal behaviours from recreational craft owners;

• Reduce, through vocational and educational training (VET),potential harm to health, safety and the environmentwithin the location, where recreational craft is dismantled.

• Provide sustainable outputs that will contribute to improve the overall image of the boat dismantling industry, making the occupation more credible within society and setting in place required expertise and skills to manage the growing number of recreational craft which will need to be disposed