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It has been 9 months now since Boat DIGEST kicked off. Our first target has been accomplished and all the necessary information concerning owners’ awareness and current dismantling practices have been gathered. We are currently working on defining training and awareness modules contents, according to the inputs received.

Our first newsletter was published four months ago and now we are back to inform you on the project’s progress. In this publication you can read reports from the national meetings and interviews for recreational craft owners and dismantlers, European Boating Association (EBA) and Boat DIGEST collaboration, as well as about new developments in Sweden, Italy or Belgium. This issue of the newsletter also presents a dismantling network.



Getting feedback from owners and dismantlers

As part of the project’s activities, between January and May2014, Boat DIGEST partners carried out a series of workshops and interviewsin 5 different countries. Two workshops for boat dismantlers were held in France and Turkey, while the other two for the owners took place in Italy and in the UK. Also, in Spain and in the UK interviews with the recreational craft owners were carried out.We present conclusions from these meetings below. Questionnaires, developed to collate current end-of-life practices of (1) recreational craft owners and (2) dismantlers remain open online (available in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish)


questionnaire file Questionnaire for recreational craft owners   questionnaire file Questionnaire for recreational craft dismantlers


Your valuable feedback will be priceless in providing Boat DIGEST with a detailed overview of current practices and attitudes. Results obtained from workshops and questionnaires will be published on the Boat DIGEST website around July 2014.


Boat DIGEST Workshops with boat dismantlers

Turkey workshop

France Report from France   Turkey Report from Turkey

On 29 January 2014 in Paris, APER gathered its members to discuss the boat dismantling and recycling results of the French network.

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On 7 February 2014, some 25 participants attended the workshop organised by DokuzEylulUniveristy, Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology, in Izmir.

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Boat DIGEST Workshops with recreational craft owners

Italy Workshop

Italy Report from Italy   Spain Report from Spain

On 21 March 2014 in Rome, the workshop’s discussions concentrated on the dismantling of recreational craft in Europe in general and in Italy specifically.

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In Spain between March and April 2014, some 68 bilateral interviews were carried out with recreational craft owners with the aim to obtain information on the current awareness among boat owners and the boat’s end-of-life practices.

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UK Report from UK      

On the 8th of May, The University of Strathclyde in Scotland organised a workshop for boat owners at the Kip Marina in Inverkip (Scotland).

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Looking for a dismantling facility? Take a look at our map

Dismantler map

After having identified dismantling companies working with boats throughout Europe, the Boat DIGEST project is proud to announce the creation of an online map showing existing dismantling sites in the various countries in Europe.

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More news...

EBA   The Boat DIGEST Project welcomes EBA on its Advisory Board



On 21 March 2014 in Rome, the workshop’s discussions concentrated on the dismantling of recreational craft in Europe in general and in Italy specifically.

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Sweden   New developments in Sweden: start of a national system for recycling recreational craft

Sweboat (Swedish Marine Industries Federation) together with BåtskrotenSverige AB (Sweden’s first commercial boat recycling company) and Stena Recycling AB (Sweden’s leading recycling company with a nationwide network of more than 100 branches) have started a project with the aim to build up a national widespread system for recycling recreational craft.

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innovative   In search of innovative solutions

While addressing the issue of boats which reach end of their useful life, it is crucial to identify recycling technologies and management systems that will help keep our environment sustainable. Examples of Italy and Belgium show that certain methods to achieve this goal are already available.

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With the support of the Life Long Learning Programme of the European Union. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication /communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. Grant Agreement 2013-1-ES1-LEO05-67616.