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NEWS | The start of a national system for recycling pleasure boats

Sweboat is, together with Båtskroten Sverige AB and Stena Recycling AB, starting up a project with the aim to build up a nationwide system for recycling pleasure boats.
   The project is funded by the project members and with money from Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth - Tillväxtverket and Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management - Havs och Vattenmyndigheten. The project will last until the second half of 2015.


Boating has been a Swedish folk movement since the 1920’s and will hopefully remain so in the future. Two million people in Sweden have access to the estimated fleet of 880 000 leisure boats in Sweden. It ranks Sweden top four on the list of “boats per person” worldwide.
The heyday of boating began in the 1970s when the Swedish boat production exploded and several hundred thousand plastic boats were produced around the country.
Boats in GRP has a very long lifetime. We don’t really know just how long, but a well-maintained boat from the 1970s works just fine even today.
Due to the boats durability and relatively high resale value there has been no need for a system for recycling used recreational boats, but the change in demands from boat owners and a rapidly declining resale value has made the time come to start recycling.

Purpose and objective

When boaters have access to a system where
they can leave a worn-boat to where it is taken care of in an environmentally safe manner the risk that littering boat wrecks end up on boat sites, along river banks and in the wild reduces. There is a shortage of boat storage in many places due to worn-boats occupying grounds.
By recycling worn and old boats these grounds becomes vacant for new people who want to discover the amazing boating life. By develop a new consumer service the project will create new jobs and a new market.

  • Sweboat –Swedish Marine Infustries Federation:
    Trade organisation for the swedish  marine industry organising app 400 companies nationwide.
  • Båtskroten Sverige AB: Swedens first commersial boat recycling company.
  • Stena Recycling AB: Swedens leading recycling company with a nationwide network with more than 100 branches nationwide.