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BOAT DIGEST EVENTS | Boat DIGEST at boot 2nd international conference (Düsseldorf, Germany)
Boot Dusseldorf

This year’s boot Düsseldorf boat show held its 2nd international conference on 22 January 2014 under the theme: “Disposal and recycling of recreational craft in Europe: current situation, prospects and opportunities”. The event gathered over 50 professionals, including naval architects and designers, boatbuilders, recycling companies, users, and journalists. The attendees had a chance to listen to and engage in the presentations given by the guest speakers: Adjiedj Bakas (trendwatcher at Trend Office Bakas), Nicholas Forsyth (3D designer at Ladida), Pierre Barbleu (President of French boat dismantling network APER) and Lola Rodriguez (Boat DIGEST / LEITAT Technological Centre).

The Boat DIGEST project which works on health & safety issues for employees in dismantling plants, as well as on information and awareness issues for boat owners and professionals was presented to the participants during the conference. The current state-of-play of recreational craft dismantling in Europe, recycling processes, legal, environmental and safety issues linked to dismantling were also described.

The speakers and attendees discussed the future of boating, sustainability and life cycle approach, sharing rather than owning, recycling and upcycling, and changing perspectives on the way we do things. The participants were invited to fill in the Boat DIGEST online questionnaires, join the national workshops to be held in February/March 2014 as well as future trainings to be organised by Boat DIGEST.

The presentations and the videos from the conference are available on the European Boating Industry and boot Düsseldorf websites: