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BOAT DIGEST EVENTS | Kick-off meeting

Boat Digest project kick-off meeting was held in Barcelona on 28th and 29th october.

The meeting took place at LEITAT offices in Barcelona and Terrassa and this was the meeting agenda:

Day 1 (Barcelona)

- Welcome and project background (LEITAT)
- Partners’ presentation
- Administrative and financial issues (LEITAT)
- General presentation of Work Packages (WP LEADERS)
- Presentation of dissemination and communication activities (FWD)
- Ship DIGEST project experiences (Enric Palau - Ship Digest Project)

Day 2 (Terrassa)

Technical session Work Package 2 (LEITAT)
Task 1 – General profiles
Task 2 – WS Agenda and materials
Task 3 – Questionnaires
Task 4 – Step by step boat dismantling
Task 5 – Review of the problems, accidents and hazards

Technical session Work Package 3 (University of Strathclyde)
Task 1 – Other project outputs (review)
Task 2 – Handling, disposal, reuse, procedures, regulation framework, etc.
Task 3 – Biodegradable materials in boat building.
Task 4 – Standard systematic review and State of the art review method

- Conclusions & next steps (LEITAT)