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BOAT DIGEST EVENTS | Açılış toplantısı

Boat Digest project Açılış toplantısı was held in Barcelona on 28th and 29th october.

The meeting took place at LEITAT offices in Barcelona and Terrassa and this was the meeting agenda:

Day 1 (Barcelona)

- Welcome and project background (LEITAT)
- Partners’ presentation
- Administrative and financial issues (LEITAT)
- General presentation of Work Packages (WP LEADERS)
- Presentation of dissemination and communication activities (FWD)
- Ship DIGEST project experiences (Enric Palau - Ship Digest Project)

Day 2 (Terrassa)

Technical session Work Package 2 (LEITAT)
Task 1 – General profiles
Task 2 – WS Agenda and materials
Task 3 – Questionnaires
Task 4 – Step by step boat dismantling
Task 5 – Review of the problems, accidents and hazards

Technical session Work Package 3 (University of Strathclyde)
Task 1 – Other project outputs (review)
Task 2 – Handling, disposal, reuse, procedures, regulation framework, etc.
Task 3 – Biodegradable materials in boat building.
Task 4 – Standard systematic review and State of the art review method

- Conclusions & next steps (LEITAT)