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This section provides a training module for recreational craft dismantling and recycling activities, targeted to people and companies currently carrying out such activities and those who wish to do so in the future. This section also provides an awareness module for end-of-life recreational craft, targeted to boat owners (individual people and public and private organisations who own recreational craft).

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How to participate?

Help us to disseminate the project.

Either if you are a boat owner or dismantler, learn more about boat's end-of-life and do not hesitate to contact us for further information or feedback. Thank you!

The project is currently in consultation with recreational craft owners, recyclers, boat builders and traders, marinas and ports throughout Europe. As part of this dialogue, two questionnairies were developed which aim to collate current end-of-life practices of recreational craft owners and dismantlers.


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Europe has one of the largest concentrations of recreational craft in the world with the latest estimates showing a fleet of over 6 million in the European Union alone.

With an average age of 30 years, recreational craft starts hitting the end of its useful life and needs to be disposed of in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. It means that boat owners, nautical professionals and dismantlers need to know where and how to appropriately dismantle and dispose of the potentially hazardous materials that could be found onboard.


The Boat Dismantling Insight by Generating Environmental and Safety Training (Boat DIGEST) project aims to improve the HSE standards of recreational craft dismantling practices and address skill gaps, while at the same time raising the awareness of end of life responsibilities and options for recreational craft owners.
This will be achieved through transferring innovative products, tools and training from previous research activities into vocational education and training (VET) for those involved with the dismantling of recreational craft and an awareness module which provides end of life guidance for those who own recreational craft.


The expected impact from this project is that, through VET, the Health, Safety and Environmental competences of dismantlers are improved. This increased awareness among professional dismantlers should lead to a decrease in fatal and serious injuries, environmental incidents and a lower rate of reporting accidents. Additionally, the awareness module should lead to a decrease in the number of old craft being abandoned as owners become aware of good disposal practices to be observed.


Advisory Board Members

Advisory Board members provide suggestions and feedback on the deliverables, the vocational education and awareness developed, assist in the dissemination activities and act as a potential end user for the outputs generated.

European Boating Association
Ministerio de medio ambiente - Gobierno de España
Agència de Residus de Catalunya


Asociación de navegantes de recreo
Federación Española de asociaciones de puertos deportivos y turísticos
Associació Catalana de Ports Esportius i Turístics
British Marine Federation
Asociación española de desguazadores y reciclaje del automóvil
Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Vehículos Industriales